Worker wearing MCR Safety Checklite CL5 Safety Glasses

Who is MCR Safety?

MCR Safety has forty-five years of experience as a leader in personal protective equipment (PPE). Their product offerings include work gloves, safety glasses, and garments made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style.
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MCR Safety offers some of the best-looking protective eyewear in the industry, providing excellent eye protection and good looks. With a vast selection of frame and lens colors and anti-fog options available to match your style preference or application need, there's something for everyone! In addition, all of MCR's protective eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 standards and provides 99.9% UV protection. Moreover, their highly affordable products make it easy to outfit yourself or an entire crew with good-looking and comfortable eye protection.

Top Selling Styles

MCR Safety BearKat Safety Glasses

  • MCR Safety Bearkat: With no frame, the Bearkat provides a virtually unobstructed view, with almost 100% of the wearer's vision covered by the glasses. In addition, they are comfortable with flexible temples and non-slip head grips (the temple grips are also notched for the optional clip-on breakaway cord), which means they stay in place and don't slide down on the nose. The Bearkats are also light for extended wear that stays comfortable, and their close fit reduces the chances of foreign debris reaching the eyes. Finally, tough polycarbonate lenses come in various colors to meet multiple needs. Another option in this line is the Bearkat Small, which is 17% smaller than the original Bearkats. This fit works well for anyone with a smaller face profile, making it an excellent option for most women.

MCR Safety Dominator 3 Safety Glasses

  • MCR Safety Dominator 3: The Dominator 3 by Crews, with a sport-focused Italian design, dominates the competition. The co-injected wire core nosepiece and temples are completely adjustable for a custom fit. The eye-popping curb appeal of the Dominator 3 will make you the envy of your co-workers and friends.

MCR Safety Checklite CL5 Safety Glasses

  • MCR Safety Checklite CL5: The Checklite CL5 is perfect if you want maximum style and protection. Plus, the soft closed-cell foam lining around each lens provides additional eye protection while allowing airflow to reduce fogging. It also features an innovative bayonet temple that keeps earplug cords secure. A perfect design for workers who need to wear eye and hearing protection.

MCR Safety Law 2 Safety Glasses

  • MCR Safety Law 2: Law 2 features a dielectric frame with a sleek wrap-around frame design. This design offers an excellent orbital seal and higher protection from side impacts. Seven lens color options are available, including popular amber and light blue styles. TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) temple inserts that enhance grip and comfort are included in all styles. Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015 safety standards.

MCR Safety Swagger SR4 Safety Glasses

  • MCR Safety Swagger SR4: The Swagger SR4 includes a lightweight dual lens frame design, athletic bayonet temples, and soft TPR permanently bonded from the temple tips to the nose pads. The SR4 full-frame is dielectric and provides excellent wrap-around protection. Available in multiple frame and lens colors.

Fashion, Function & Affordability

From individuals in an industrial setting to those working in the extremes of a military environment, MCR Safety Glasses provide quite a few options in style and lens type. In addition, the affordability factor of MCR Safety makes owning multiple pairs a solid choice.

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