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What is Bolle BSSI?

Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI) is Bollé Safety's new division dedicated to the tactical market. Their expertise is focused on developing ballistic and protective eyewear while concentrating on improved comfort, style, and safety. No matter the environment, Bolle's newly developed range of protective safety glasses and goggles provide clear vision in any situation.

Who needs Bolle BSSI Eyewear?

ANSI Z87.1 certified safety glasses protect workers daily from industrial hazards such as flying debris, airborne particles, and other dangers that could cause eye injuries. However, there are some occupations where a higher level of protection is required.

Bolle BSSI Eyewear Protection Level Chart

Ballistic-rated tactical eyewear far exceeds the impact protection levels provided by industrial safety glasses.

For instance, first responders, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and shooting sports need eyewear to protect them from high-velocity threats. These professionals must also see clearly in various conditions, including low-light and poor weather.
Bolle BSSI Eyewear is ideal for the following occupations:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Special Forces
  • First Responders
  • Shooting Sports

Bolle BSSI's new line of tactical eyewear is designed to meet the needs of these demanding occupations. The BSSI line provides razor-sharp optics and superior impact protection from various threats.

Bolle BSSI Tactical Eyewear Categories

Bolle BSSI Tactical Eyewear is available for a variety of uses and situations.

Why Choose Bolle BSSI Tactical Eyewear?

Navigating tactical environments requires quick thinking and a clear vision to complete missions, save lives, and stay alive. Unfortunately, the human eye is among the smallest of our body's organs (about 0.02% of body mass) and one of the most fragile. As a result, eye injuries are common on the battlefield, in the streets, and on the shooting range, which makes high-quality protective eyewear essential.

Tactical environments have higher rates of eye injuries due to high-velocity ballistic fragments and airborne debris. Protective eyewear designed for sports, sun and dust protection, or other industries does not stand up to these attacks. Hostile environments like these require high-tech ballistic-rated eyewear to protect soldiers' and first responders' eyes against these dangers.

Tactical situations present many dangers for the eyes. However, being aware of the risks and knowing how to protect yourself make most eye injuries preventable. Your regular eyewear won't protect you on the battlefield or in any tactical situation. Bolle's tactical eyewear is specifically designed to negate all the eye-related risks found in tactical environments. - Bolle Tactical

Bolle BSSI Tactical Eyewear meets these challenges with four key features:

  1. Clear Vision: Leveraging their 130 years of experience, Bolle Safety manufactures high-quality lenses to provide world-class optics. In addition, the BSSI line features their amazing Platinum Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch lens coating, providing clear vision in all conditions.
  2. Superior Protection: The BSSI line's glasses and goggles meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2015 and MIL-PRF-32432A and STANAG 2920 standards for impact resistance.
  3. Comfort: Using superior frame materials, the BSSI line features robust, lightweight frames and a variety of comfort-enhancing designs, including adjustable nose pieces and soft temples.
  4. Stylish: Taking queues from their famous industrial line, the BSSI lineup is available in several styles, including wraparound and sports designs.
Bolle BSSI Markings and Standards

Where to buy Bolle BSSI Eyewear?

No matter your occupation, if you need superior ballistic-rated protection and uncompromising clear vision, Bolle BSSI tactical eyewear is the right choice. Safety Glasses USA carries the full line of Bolle BSSI Eyewear. You can conveniently order online or call one of our friendly customer service reps. Do you need to order for your whole department or unit? No problem. Give us a call for a custom quote.

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