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Many people wear multiple types of personal protective equipment (PPE) at the same time. For example, safety glasses and ear protection are often worn together by gun enthusiasts, construction and factory workers, airline pilots, and even musicians. Smooth integration of that equipment is essential for comfort, productivity, and compliance.

Wearing PPE is essential, but it's much harder to do when PPE doesn't fit right or causes any discomfort, whether worn by itself or with other PPE. It's certainly important to Prevent Hearing Damage with Proper Hearing Protection.
Noisefighters Sightlines ear cushions can eliminate issues of comfort, which then increases both compliance and productivity when both safety eyewear and ear protection are worn together.

Traditional Headsets vs. Noisefighters Sightlines

Headsets using traditional ear pads rely on the softness of the pad to conform to the shape of eyewear stems. Unfortunately, even the softest pads unevenly distribute the pressure around the ears and stems of glasses. This causes uncomfortable hot spots, which can lead to headaches, and allows unwanted noise through the broken seal.
Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads Zero Interference
Sightlines solve this problem and promise zero eyewear interference, which means no headaches and less noise interference caused by wearing headsets and eyewear at the same time. They accomplish this through "relief cuts" at the top of each cushion where eyewear can sit.


SightLines are the first gel ear pads with relief cuts for glasses that don't break the noise seal or cause pressure headaches. The use of relief cuts is optional since gel pads function like standard pads when not wearing glasses.
Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads
The polyurethane outer skin on SightLines not only has anti-fungal properties but is also UV-resistant, waterproof, and long-lasting. Additional features include:

  • Horseshoe-ring-shaped, grooved front face
  • 1/4" of silicone gel
  • Acoustic memory foam
  • Closed head seal

SightLines are designed for use in any climate. The silicone gel's flexibility works consistently from -100 degrees to +300 degrees Fahrenheit (-71 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius). The sound-deadening memory foam also meets FAR 25.853 for U.S. aviation use.

A Secure Seal

A secure seal is important for hearing safety and quality since a broken seal allows more noise into the headset. More sound reaching the ears can mean hearing damage.

Government testing shows a 1-10dB decrease in sound deadening when eyewear breaks the seal on traditional ear cushions. A 3dB increase represents a doubling of sound intensity. (Hearing Protection of Earmuffs Worn Over Eyeglasses)

Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads in Earmuff
In addition to possibly damaging ears, a broken seal can also be annoying for those wanting to keep out distracting noises. For example, audio professionals want precise monitoring, airline pilots want to focus on incoming traffic, and airline passengers want to block out irritations.

Noisefighters Sightlines provide the secure seal needed for optimum hearing protection.

Headset Upgrade

Sightlines provide a secure seal and a solution for the discomfort of wearing eyewear with headsets. They also improve the quality of most headset and the hearing protection it provides.

“These [cushions] make $60 headphones feel like $350 headphones.” (Firearms Enthusiast)

Most people notice improved sound-deadening after installing Sightlines. Because of the superior comfort and softness of the silicone gel inside Sightlines cushions, many people find them to be an essential upgrade to any headset.
Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads Custom FIt

Custom Fit

Noisefighters SightLines offer a custom fit for many headsets. Kits that come with both earmuffs and gel ear pads include:

Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pad Adapter Plates
Adapter plates are also available for some headsets.

  • Walkers Game Ear Headsets
  • 3M Peltor Headsets
  • Invisio, Sordin & TCI headsets
  • Peltor Optime and similar headsets
  • Peltor X1A / X2A / X3A / X4A / X5A headsets

Noisefighters Sightlines Standard/Universal Ear Pads with adhesive backing are needed to utilize the adapter plates.

Universal Fit

Noisefighters SightLines also offers standard mount pads that are compatible with any headset with pads.
Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads In The Field
The universal mount pads fit any headset that is 4" tall x 3" wide and allow users to remove the original pads and apply the new adhesive-backed pads. Note that some headsets require adapter plates, and some do not, so check the detailed compatibility list before ordering.

The adhesive is the same type of adhesive used on military headsets. It's non-permanent, and pads can be removed multiple times and even swapped between headsets without weakening the bonding.

All SightLines are also fully compatible with prescription eyewear, including multifocal lenses.

How to Use

Installing SightLines is inexpensive and easy. Simply remove current cushions and attach SightLines.
To properly wear a headset with SightLines:

  1. Lower the headset as much as is comfortable.
  2. Slide eyewear above the pads.
  3. Pull the eyewear arms into the relief cuts.

Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Ear Pads Relief Cut
The eyewear's arms will rest slightly above where glasses usually rest, but the fit feels completely natural after just a few moments. Additionally, eyewear with straight stems works best, but hooked stems protruding below the relief cuts still receive a great seal.

Be sure to clean SightLines regularly with soapy water. However, do not submerge the pads since they have a pinhole-sized air vent on the bottom to allow for proper functioning.


SightLines are designed by a Marine Corps combat veteran and made in the USA. They have a one-year warranty against defects regardless of continent or climate. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or intentional product abuse.

With Noisefighters SightLines, eyewear won't sit crooked, and ears won't feel cramped. With the many convenient options, upgrading your headset with SightLines means a more comfortable fit and better hearing protection.

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