Bullhead Swordfish Safety Glasses

Any active person wanting great all-around polarized safety sunglasses must look no further than the Bullhead Swordfish Photochromic Safety Glasses. These safety sunglasses work well for individuals involved in a variety of activities. And especially for those switching between activities with different lighting conditions.

Understand the Features of the Bullhead Swordfish

Before detailing specific experiences wearing the Bullhead Swordfish Safety Glasses, let's discuss the features these glasses offer:

  • The visible light transmission rate (amount of light that will go through the lenses into the eyes) is well suited for sports. The VLT is 12% when fully darkened and 32% in its natural state. The Bullhead Swordfish allows enough light to see what you need in the shade while providing extra coverage in bright sunlight.
  • A super lightweight sports frame adds to the comfortableness of these glasses.
  • Wrap-around, 8-base curve lenses provide maximum protection plus 100% visual acuity (sharp vision).
  • Soft TPR adjustable nosepiece won't produce painful, red impressions on your nose after hours of constant wear.
  • Good fit for various face shapes, so most women and men will find the Bullhead Swordfish a comfortable fit.
  • Protection from the sun by filtering out 99% of dangerous UV light. When you understand How the Sun Affects Our Eyes, you realize how essential this feature is for your eyewear.
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare, resulting in less eye fatigue.
  • Photochromic lenses react to UV light exposure and adjust for optimum visibility in most lighting situations.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 high impact requirements for impact protection.

Bullhead Swordfish Photochromic Smoke Lens – Shown in its natural state (indoors) and dark state (outdoors).
Here is the Bullhead Swordfish Photochromic Smoke Lens – Shown in its natural state (indoors) and dark state (outdoors).

Experience the Features

The Bullhead Swordfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic Smoke Lens offer robust features. But how do those features play out in real life?

Bullhead Swordfish Safety Sunglasses


Consider the following notes taken during a 3-week product-review

  • These glasses will work well for individuals involved in various activities, especially those switching among several activities on any given day, because the photochromic lenses transition seamlessly by adapting quickly to changing lighting conditions.
  • While these glasses work well in bright sun, just like glasses with a permanent and darker tint, the benefits of the photochromic lens showed through when in shaded areas and low light situations by continually providing sharp vision.
  • During a 4-hour kayak trip down a river littered with fallen trees, the glasses provided constant clear vision while transitioning from bright sunlight to shade. Also, eye fatigue never presented itself; the eyewear was forgotten as it offered a clear view of every situation.
  • Whether running, walking or biking, these glasses adjusted very well to multi-light situations regardless of the time of day, unlike other sunglasses that needed to be removed in shaded areas, a definite hassle while exercising.
  • These glasses don't slip and move on the face, either. Anyone who exercises regularly knows how annoying it is to have glasses that constantly need adjusting because they don't stay put.
  • While biking, regardless of the lighting situation, the screens for mileage and time had zero distortion.
  • Unexpectedly, the Swordfish glasses provided excellent vision when sitting in the shade and reading on the deck. The sun glares off the deck, often causing headaches even when seated in the shade. Still, these glasses adjusted to the shade and prevented eye fatigue from the glare.
  • A cell phone screen also remains visible while wearing the Bullhead safety glasses.
  • The ANSI-rated impact protection for a low cost ($49) provides a terrific added benefit, especially for those who want to avoid buying different glasses for each activity.
  • Knowing that the nose pieces won't get caught in your hair is an added bonus for those who put their sunglasses on their heads when not wanting to wear them, such as when in the grocery store.
Bullhead Swordfish Safety Sunglasses Top View

Bullhead Swordfish features 8-base curve lenses for maximum protection and 100% visual acuity

3 Reasons to Wear Bullhead Swordfish Glasses

To summarize the benefits of these sunglasses in a practical sense, here are the three top reasons to purchase the Bullhead Swordfish Safety Glasses with Polarized/Photochromic Smoke Lens:

  1. Great all-around lens.
  2. Comfortable, lightweight fit.
  3. Reliable eye protection.

Among the top reasons people fail to wear proper eye protection are improper (uncomfortable or bothersome) fit and inability to see well in changing light situations. The Bullhead Swordfish Safety Glasses can eliminate these problems for most people, making their eyes healthier and safer.

Bullhead Swordfish features a soft TPR adjustable nosepiece

So if you're active and want good, hi-tech optics that result in healthier and safer eyes for a lifetime, the Bullhead Swordfish Glasses are an intelligent purchase.

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