Law enforcement officer wearing ballistic-rated eyewear

Riot conditions exist when extreme violence appears imminent. At these times, law enforcement officers must be protected from head to toe. They must also plan for the unexpected, which includes armed resistance and projectiles.

When the potential for a riot exists, law enforcement officers need appropriate gear to protect and allow them to efficiently do their jobs.

Riot Gear

Essential protective riot gear includes

  • Tactical vests
  • Riot helmets
  • Gas masks
  • Shin guards
  • Knee pads
  • Safety eyewear

Safety eyewear is last on this list, but it’s certainly not the least important. After all, the ability to see is paramount in situations where anything can happen. When there’s potential for a riot, the best eye protection is tactical eyewear.

Ballistic & Tactical Eyewear

Ballistic and tactical eyewear, available in safety glasses and goggles, is designed to provide impact protection in the harshest military environments. In other words, ballistic and tactical eyewear provide military-grade standards far beyond those with industrial-rated safety eye protection.

Riot situations certainly qualify as harsh environments, and many options are available in ballistic-rated eyewear suitable for riot conditions.
Oakley SI Ballistic Industrial Det Cord with Matte Black Frame and Grey Lens

Oakley SI Det Cord Tactical Sunglasses

The Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord is the perfect blend of ballistic protection and Oakley fashion. Fully compliant with the ballistic and optical standards of MIL-PRF-32432 and ANSI Z87.1-2010, the SI Ballistic Det Cord is balanced for aggressive environments and covert capabilities. The SI Ballistic Det Cord is also “fully-equipped” with its anti-fog coating, comms compatible ear stems, and rubberized Unobtanium nosepiece. It is one piece of eyewear that is ready for any situation.
Wiley X Valor Tactical Sunglasses

Wiley X Valor Tactical Sunglasses

The Wiley X Valor features a lightweight, semi-rimless frame with rubber-tipped temples to provide extra grip to keep the glasses from slipping during intense action. In addition, the Valor meets MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic safety standards and ANSI Z87.1 high-velocity impact safety and optical standards.
Smith Elite Chamber Tactical Ballistic Sunglasses

Smith Elite Chamber Tactical Ballistic Sunglasses

The Smith Elite Chamber is stylish yet rugged. It features a modern design combined with durable frame materials. It has a large yet snug fit, so it stays put even in the harshest conditions.

Expect the Unexpected

Protests are usually peaceful. They typically don’t result in destroyed property or life-threatening situations. However, temporary issues like blocked traffic generally are the worst results of demonstrations.

Sometimes, though, protests turn violent and present harm to both people and property. When the potential for a demonstration to turn into a riot exists, law enforcement professionals must gear up for the worst possible scenario. They must expect the unexpected, which means they must fully protect themselves to protect the public. Wearing ballistic-rated eyewear is a crucial part of that protection.

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