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Need extra eye protection from airborne debris? Foam-padded safety glasses are perfect for dusty and/or windy environments such as biking or motorcycle riding and even many work environments because they essentially seal out anything that could get in eyes. The padding also makes them extra comfortable.

Because there are so many options available, we’ve put together a list of some of our best-selling foam-padded safety glasses to help narrow your search.
Elvex Go-Specs

Delta Plus Go-Specs

Delta Plus Go-Specs have a look and feel of expensive sunglass but cost a fraction of the price. They protect eyes from particles, dust, wind, and cold in indoor/outdoor environments. The foam is also removable and comes with a foam carrier.

Delta Plus Go-Specs also feature long wrap-around temples to comfortably hold the frame securely in place without straps. And, they come with the Delta Plus SuperCoat, washable, long performance anti-fog coating with anti-static and anti-scratch protection.

There are many lens and frame options available with the Delta Plus Go-Specs, including in both plano and bifocal versions.
Crews Law 3

MCR Safety Law 3

Extra protection without the extra weight, the MCR Safety Law 3’s open-cell foam seal offers protection from dust, debris, and wind. The soft foam fits around the orbit of your eyes to provide a comfortable seal. Both the lens (clear or gray) and foam seal extend to the side of the face for excellent side coverage and protection.

Additional features include a flexible frame to fit a variety of face sizes and scratch-resistant, anti-fog lenses. They are also dielectric, which means they have no metal parts. Finally, the Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) temple inserts and nose piece provide better grip and comfort.
Pyramex Highlander

Pyramex Highlander

The indirect vented foam carriage on the Pyramex Highlander provides maximum dust protection with sufficient airflow that releases heat to reduce fogging. Removable inner foam lens clip offers extra comfort and protection from airborne particles. Remove the lens clip and strap to reveal a sporty safety spectacle for work or play.

The fully adjustable elastic strap with quick release attaches to temples and provides a secure fit. Lastly, the resilient and durable frame features an extended side shield design that provides full eye protection from impact and flying particles.

Lens options include sky red mirror, gray, indoor/outdoor, amber and clear.
Bolle Rush Plus

Bolle Rush Plus

The Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses feature an ultra-sporty design available in multiple color choices. Different lens (smoke, twilight and clear) and temple color options are available for a customized look. They also come with a foam gasket for extra debris and wind protection.

The Rush Plus also features an exclusive anti-fog and anti-scratch platinum coating. This permanent coating on both sides of the lens results in high resistance to scratching and significantly delays the onset of fogging. Additional features include upper brow bar protection and non-slip bridge.
Radians Extremis

Radians Extremis

Radians Extremis safety glasses are sleek, modern and stylish, yet integrate the compliance and comfort elements end users demand from safety eyewear. The foam-lined frame provides extra protection against dust and debris, and the soft rubber nose pads ensure a comfortable fit. Additional features include a full frame with polycarbonate, anti-fog lenses (indoor/outdoor, clear, silver mirror and smoke).

The Radians Extremis has a lens designed for peripheral personnel and visitors who are not exposed to direct IR radiation. They’re also great for use under a welding helmet because they allow the welder to see work clearly without suffering “welders flash burn” from surrounding welders.
Pyramex Proximity

Pyramex Proximity

When working or playing in dusty environments, the Pyramex Proximity offers a snug, secure fit with the added benefit of a lightweight black frame. The vented, comfort padded foam seal helps block common airborne irritants when mowing, cleaning, or just sitting around the campfire.

Pyramex Proximity features also include 9.5 base curve lenses (clear, dark gray, amber or indoor/outdoor) for excellent side protection, and flame resistant foam padding that is removable for no-hassle maintenance.

Lots of Options!

Our selection of foam-padded safety glasses continues to grow. Visit our foam-padded safety glasses category page to see our entire selection. 

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