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What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Gaming glasses. What are they? Are they just another fashion trend? What do they do? What’s the point in wearing a pair of glasses if I don’t even have a prescription? Why do my eyes hurt while I’m playing games? Why is my vision blurry after a couple rounds of League of Legends or a few hours of editing spreadsheets?

The Problem

In our generation, the world has embraced the internet, social media, streaming, gaming, etc. Everywhere you look, there are screens. While some worry this is the coming of Skynet and the likes, others realize it’s just the world and society evolving. With the rapid change, many of us struggle with strained eyes thanks to constant screen use. Computer Vision Syndrome is a real problem and should be handled seriously.

Many of us spend a significant portion of our day on the computer or other monitors. Computer monitors are probably straining your eyes when you’re at work or a hardcore gamer. Luckily, there is a simple solution.

Gaming In The Dark

Nearly 70% of American adults experience some form of digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices.

Computer Glasses, Monitors, and Your Eyes

Monitors produce a relatively harsh blue light that forces your eyes to work harder to focus on objects on the screen like words or small objects. Images on a screen do not have the same sharp contrast between objects as the real world does. This lack of variation makes it difficult to pick out objects, and your eyes are working double time to constantly change focus. This causes strain on your eyes and can cause common symptoms such as headaches, tired and itchy eyes, and blurry vision. But how does blue light affect you… really? Thanks to Gunnar Optiks, we have some answers for you.

  • Overexposure to blue light from screens disrupts melatonin production and sleep patterns.
  • Blue light from screen exposure has been linked to retinal damage, cataracts, and Macular degeneration.
  • Visible blue light is a very high energy, and exposure to it exhausts the eyes.
  • Over-saturation of blue light can decrease visual acuity and make focusing difficult.
  • Blue light has been shown to induce photochemical damage to the retina and macula that causes oxidative stress on the eyes.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns can lead to depression, neurotoxin buildup, and increased disease risk.

CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome is a blanket term for all the above-listed effects and more. If you’re constantly struggling to find that guy hiding in a bush about 300 meters away in the Battlegrounds, your eyes are likely suffering from too much blue light exposure.

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Yes. Gaming glasses are designed specifically to lessen the effects of blue light on your eyes. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of Gunnar Optik’s Computer Glasses right now. Not only do I look like a professional, but my eyes are also not as stressed after watching a screen for 8 hours at work. Thanks to Gunnar's Gaming Lens technology, my eyes won’t feel as tired during my World of Warcraft raid runs tonight. Gaming glasses often magnify, making everything slightly bigger without ruining your screens' perfectly tuned resolutions.

Gunnar Blue Light Blocked Chart

Gunnar's Amber Lens Technology Blocks More Blue Light Than Similar Brands.

By providing an increased view size and reduced blue light, gaming glasses help reduce the strain on your eyes from looking at your screens. Your gaming glasses can actually improve your gaming experience by allowing you to stay on top of your vision. By wearing gaming glasses, your eyes won’t be as affected by harsh blue light and can help relieve some of the symptoms of CVS you may already be facing.

How Do I Know Which Gaming Glasses Are For Me?

Your eyes are likely your most treasured sense. So protect it. Gunnar Optiks is a leading computer and gaming glasses producer that you can utilize to your advantage. Gunnar lenses are carefully engineered to filter and balance light while absorbing blue light emitted from digital devices. Take action to prevent fatigue and poor vision, now and in the future. Gaming glasses will not only optimize your experience in front of the monitor, but they can assist in keeping your eyes healthy for the duration of your life.

The Technology Break Down:

Gunnar Eyewear Lens Options

Lens Tints

Amber: Best contrast and visual performance enhancement while minimizing screen glare and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. This lens filters 65% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Liquet: The in-between solution for those who need a balanced color spectrum and protection from artificial blue light. This lens blocks 35% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Crystalline: Designed specifically for graphic designers, video/film editors, and creative visual artists who require an equally balanced color spectrum. This lens filters 10% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, researcher, or digital artist, a lens is designed specifically for you and your eyes. Protect your eyes now and for the future.

Gunnar Gaming Glasses In Action


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