5 Ways Bifocal Safety Glasses Magnify Your Safety And Productivity

We all gain wisdom as we age. Unfortunately, our vision usually doesn't improve with that passing of time and instead often declines. The culprit? Usually presbyopia, or aging eye condition.

Presbyopia results in the inability to focus up close. The National Eye Institute says anyone over 35 years old is at risk for developing presbyopia and that everyone experiences some loss in the ability to focus on near objects as they age. Some simply notice this loss more than others.

We also hopefully realize some of our most productive years still lie ahead of us, and we're not about to let a little vision loss stop us from contributing to the workforce or from completing our home DIY projects. We just need a bit of help.

Bifocal safety glasses can help us accomplish our tasks whether at work or home with better visibility while keeping our precious eyes protected at the same time. 

Five Examples How Bifocal Safety Glasses Contribute To Safety And Productivity

  1. Industrial Jobs - If you work in an industrial setting, such as a plant or factory, you know the importance of consistent productivity. That means, you simply don't want to waste time switching from regular safety glasses to prescription bifocals. Not only that, why risk a harmful particle flying into your eye in those few seconds during the switch? Play it safe and increase your productivity at the same time with all-in-one bifocal safety glasses like the Edge Zorge Bifocal.
  2. Medical Field - As with industrial jobs, workers in the medical field must also keep focused on the task at hand. They need to ensure their environment remains sterile and that patients aren't compromised in any way. Switching from safety glasses to bifocals not only risks contamination, but it also contributes to a loss in focus on the patient. Bifocal safety glasses can help keep medical expertise in tip-top form.
  3. Athletics - Whether you're an Olympic-class athlete or just starting out, sports safety glasses can help thwart the 600,000 sports-related eye injuries that happen every year. If you're suffering from presbyopia, skip the temptation to wear prescription glasses simply underneath safety glasses, a combination that could result in glass in the eye should a ball or an opponent's elbow hit you. Instead, wear athletic bifocal safety glasses like the Delta Plus Go-Specs.
  4. Lab Technicians - If you look at a computer screen for eight or more hours a day, you likely understand the importance of vision staying as optimal as possible. Unfortunately, viewing a computer screen for extended periods of time can diminish vision through fatigue and other factors. If you work in a lab or other hands-on tech industry, you are often required to wear safety glasses and can't only rely on readers to see your screen. Instead, consider the 3M Nuvo Reader Bifocal Safety Glasses to ensure you meet the tech lab's safety requirements and at the same time reduce eye strain.
  5. DIY Life - Doesn't it seem like there's an endless list of tasks to take on at home? From cutting the grass to painting the ceiling, there's always a project to tackle. If you wear glasses and reading glasses, you want to to keep your vision crystal clear during these DIY tasks. Bouton Lady Eva Women's Bifocal Safety Glasses and the Pyramex V2 Bifocal Safety Glasses are examples of the many comfortable and affordable options available for anyone tackling the DIY life.

Celebrate the increased wisdom that comes with aging! One way to do this is by making wise choices about your vision with bifocal safety glasses to contribute to making all the working years ahead both safe and productive.

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