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Staying Comfortable in the Heat

When working extended periods in hot environments, taking preventative measures against heat-related illnesses is vital. It's equally important to be ready to address any symptoms that arise promptly. Detecting these signs in oneself can be challenging, so it's crucial to help coworkers recognize them. Knowing how to prevent, identify, and treat heat-related injuries is essential during the hot summer.

Understanding Heat-Related Illness

Heat illness can advance quickly once symptoms appear, making it essential to recognize the signs and know how to treat the condition properly. We recommend reviewing our Basic Heat Safety, Part 1 and Heat Safety, Part 2 blog posts because heat-related injuries seriously threaten anyone outside in the summertime.

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Staying Comfortable in the Heat

Despite taking all the necessary precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses, such as staying hydrated and taking breaks in the shade, it's not unusual to still feel uncomfortable due to the intense heat, especially during July and August.

When it gets hot outside, some products can help you feel cooler. However, it's important to note that these products won't lower your core body temperature or prevent heat illness. They're meant to make the heat more tolerable. To avoid heat illness, follow the tips mentioned earlier.

Fun fact: Did you know that the part of your brain that controls body temperature is situated in the brainstem at the base of your neck? By using creative methods like a wet towel, ice, or a targeted fan to cool this area down, you can make your body feel cooler than it is. - 6 Hacks to Cool Your Body Down Quick by GQ.

Popular cooling products to help you beat the summer heat

Cooling Towels

Cooling Towel Wrap

Cooling towel wraps help keep you cool for up to 5 hours. Soak these towels in cool water and wring them out to activate them. They're reusable and machine washable. Additionally, they're treated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold and odors.Pyramex CV200 Hi-Vis Lime Cooling Vest

Cooling Vests

Equipped with evaporative PVA panels, the Pyramex CV100 and CV200 Cooling Vests can keep you cool for up to 8 hours. Submerge the vest in cool water for 1-2 minutes to activate.

Hard Hat Liners

Hard Hat Liners

The moisture-wicking fabric in hard hat liners prevents sweat from entering your eyes. These liners can be worn under most hard hats, especially for those who work outside and are prone to overheating. They are available in black and a patriotic flag pattern and can be worn under motorcycle helmets.

Cooling Pad For Hard Hat

Hard Hat Cooling Pad

This hard hat cooling pad easily attaches to your hard hat's suspension with hook and loop closures. The unique evaporative materials provide hours of cooling relief from the heat. Activating it is simple: soak it in cool water for 2-5 minutes. Plus, you can easily reuse the pad by reactivating it with water.

Looking & Staying Cool

If you work in construction, exercise outdoors, or engage in any physically demanding activity, products are available to help manage heat stress. Once you've learned how to prevent and treat heat-related illnesses, consider investing in these products for added comfort. Not only will you feel cooler, but you'll look cool too.

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