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Sunglasses Are Important

Sunglasses have become more than just a fashion accessory; they protect our eyes and overall eye health. Whether it's a bright sunny day or a cloudy afternoon, wearing sunglasses is essential for shielding our eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. These UV rays can cause eye problems, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and temporary vision loss. Additionally, sunglasses protect against glare, reducing eye strain and enhancing visual comfort. With their ability to combine style and functionality, sunglasses have become a vital accessory for anyone seeking to safeguard their eyes while embracing a fashionable look.

In a recent survey, most individuals indicated that protecting their eyes against UV rays was important. And many people followed through on that belief by purchasing quality sunglasses protect your eyes from the suns harmful UV rays. However, when asked why they failed to wear those sunglasses regularly, many confessed that the main reason was they forgot. So here are five tips to help you remember your sunglasses.

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5 Tips For Remembering Your Sunglasses

    1. Have a place for them. Just like with your car keys or cell phone, sunglasses will likely get lost if they don't have a home when not in use. Many vehicles have a bin for storing sunglasses, and various cases are available for protecting sunglasses when thrown into a bag or even for hanging them on a hook next to your keys. Having a place you always put your sunglasses will increase your likelihood of wearing them regularly.

    2. Be consistent. Once you have a place for your sunglasses, be systematic in putting them there. Having a place does no good if you don't use it consistently. For example, when going in and out of buildings, such as when shopping, consider a neck cord or lanyard to make taking sunglasses on and off without losing them easier. Whatever system you develop, employ it consistently to help build a healthy habit of wearing sunglasses.

    3. Tell your kids. While forgetfulness seems common among children, most will also enjoy helping their parents remember what's important to them. Tell your kids to remind you to wear your sunglasses, and explain why doing so is essential. You might be surprised that they can be good at reminding you. They feel important, and your eyes get protected.

    4. Buy an extra pair. With sunglasses widely available and many offered at relatively low prices, having an extra pair is usually easy. Keep the extra in your car or carryall bag, so they're easily in reach. However, keep your spare sunglasses in a hard case or pouch so they're in perfect shape when needed.

    5. Create a mental checklist. Avoid making too long of a list, but create one that includes all the items you never want to leave at home. A sample list might include your cell phone, water bottle, snack, and sunglasses. After you have your list, remember to say it every time you walk out the door. Eventually, remembering those items will be automatic.

    Keep It Simple

    Establishing a simple routine to ensure you always remember your sunglasses can go a long way. Designate a specific place to keep your sunglasses when you're not wearing them, such as a dedicated case, a sunglass holder in your car, or a hook by the door. Next, make it a habit to return your sunglasses to this designated spot whenever you take them off. Finally, consider attaching a bright, distinctive accessory, like a colorful strap or keychain, to your sunglasses. This simple visual cue can constantly remind you to grab your shades before heading out. By implementing these easy strategies, you'll effortlessly remember your sunglasses, ensuring your eyes are consistently protected, and your style remains on point.

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