Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses Product Review

While some workers only need safety eyewear occasionally during the workday, others must wear them all day, every day. When you have to constantly wear safety eyewear, comfort and consistent fit are top priorities, second only to having the best possible protection should an accident occur.

Danielle is an employee for an international company specializing in products for the energy industry. She spends her working hours drilling holes in stainless steel, cutting boards, nailing skids together, and making foam bags (foam is heated to 140 degrees) for packing. Because of the constant exposure to metal particles, wood shavings and chemicals, Danielle’s job requires she always wears safety glasses.

We asked Danielle to try out a pair of Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses with White/Pink Temples and Clear Lens with Platinum Anti-Fog for a while at work.

Bolle Rush Plus Small Comparison

Before trying out the Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses with White/Pink Temples and Clear Lens with Platinum Anti-Fog, Danielle wore a standard pair of safety glasses. While the Bolle Rush cost just a little more than what she was wearing, Danielle plans to continue wearing the Bolle Rush because of their superior clarity.

Worker wearing Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses

“The clarity of the lenses on the Bolle glasses is beautiful, crystal clear. [My old safety glasses] are pretty clear initially but seem to lose that quickly, from scratches maybe. The Bolles seem to be more scratch resistant.”

Danielle also says the Bolles never slide down, and she was always pushing her previous safety glasses back up.

“Overall, a clearer, more comfortable pair of safety glasses that stay where I put them.”

Bolle Rush Plus Small Features

The Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses have a slimmer fit than the standard Rush Plus, making them ideal for smaller or narrower facial profiles. They also look ultra-sporty and have flexible temples that are 100% customizable.
Danielle noticed right away that not only were the Bolle Rush Plus Small glasses “super cute in pink,” but their non-slip bridge and anti-fog/anti-scratch Platinum lens coating provide consistent fit and clarity along with being comfortable.

“They didn’t slide down at all. Stayed right where I put them, and the lens is super clear.”

The clarity Danielle notice comes from the permanent coating on both sides of the lens. This coating gives them a high resistance to scratching. It also significantly delays the onset of fogging, assuring greater safety, reliability, and comfort.

“The Bolles never fog up, where [my old safety glasses] did.”

Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses in action

An additional feature of the Bolle Rush Plus is the upper browbar protection, which also adds to their comfort level. Most importantly, the glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2015 requirements and provide 99.9% protection from harmful UVA/UVB light.

Bolle Rush Plus Small Review Wrap-Up

The only drawback for Danielle, and it obviously wasn’t a huge deal since she plans to continue wearing the Bolle Rush Plus Small glasses every day, is that her eyelashes brushed against the lenses. Danielle suggests an increased “bow” to the lens to help eliminate this. Another option is for her to try the standard-sized Bolle Rush Plus glasses, though they don’t come in pink and may not fit her face quite as well.

Bolle Rush Safety Glasses also have another especially cool feature. You can turn them into foam-padded safety goggles using the Bolle Rush Plus Foam and Strap Kit.

At a very low cost, the Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses with White/Pink Temples provide terrific all-around protection. Not only that, but they have some extras that make them even more of a bargain.

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