Choosing the Best Laser Safety Eyewear

If you work anywhere near lasers, choosing the proper laser safety eyewear is vital since the human eye is very sensitive to lasers. In fact, eyes can be permanently damaged from direct or indirect laser beams. For these reasons, make sure you know the basics of Eye Safety When Using or Near Lasers.

3 Steps for Choosing Laser Safety Eyewear

Finding the right laser safety eyewear means finding both the right lens and the right frame fit. Follow these necessary steps to help you make the best choice for you:

First, find out more about the laser. Look for the following information in the laser’s user manual or on the laser itself.

  1. The laser’s wavelength
  2. Protection level needed based on the laser’s output parameters
  3. Recommended optical density (OD)

Second, select eyewear with filters matching the above information. Be sure to select the eyewear offering the highest visibility (VLT) to ensure the best protection.
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Third, choose from the available frames. Try on as many as you need to get a good fit since many people opt out of wearing safety eyewear simply because it doesn’t fit them properly.

Not sure where to start? Check out eyewear in these categories:

Still not sure you’re choosing the right eyewear for your situation?

Check with your company’s Certified Laser Safety Officer if it has one. You can also ask the safety eyewear experts at Safety Glasses USA to help you find the right protection.

Laser technology continues to advance, and eyewear to protect against those lasers must improve too. Keep pace with the technology by making sure you’re wearing the best laser safety eyewear protection for your situation.

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