Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 Product Review

Parts inspection requires attention to detail. It also requires good eyesight, especially when the pieces are small. Such is the case for Mikel, a parts inspector for a small rubber company in Michigan. A good part of her job involves spotting defects on small rubber parts.

Mikel struggled with seeing the defects with her old bifocal safety glasses. The Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 have made a big difference for her.

“I can spot the defect faster and can see clearer than with the other bifocal safety glasses.”

Rx-350 Bifocals Front View

Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 Features

These safety readers are made to fit a great variety of facial configurations. In addition, they block 99.9% of harmful UV radiation and provide good coverage over eyes.

The Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 are also comfortable to wear. The soft rubber nose bridge and temple inserts make them great eyewear for long-term use. Mikel noticed the comfort of the glasses as a definite improvement over her previous eyewear.

“They’re more comfortable around the ears.”

Because of the improvements over her previous eyewear, Mikel plans on continuing to wear the Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 while inspecting parts at work.

Rx-350 Bifocals 3/4 View

Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 Drawbacks

Though not exactly deal breakers, Mikel did have a couple of reservations about the eyewear.  They involved styling and to a lesser extent value.

  • Though there are several lens and frame color options, the basic frame style remains very basic. Mikel would like them to be a bit more stylish.
  • The Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 cost just under $12. While this is not a lot, they do cost more than some other brands.

Overall, Mikel likes the Delta Plus Sonoma Rx 350 better than her previous bifocal eyewear.

Disclaimer: Remember these reviews are by real people, not experts. In most cases, reviewers received the product for free and are allowed to keep the product for their use after the review. Reviewers are asked for their honest opinions after using the product, including suggestions for improvements.

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