Noisefighters Heatsync Ear Pad Covers

Headset Upgrade

Is your headset unbearable in hot weather? Do your ears get cold during extremely cold weather? HeatSync headset covers solve both these issues. They are also comfortable, especially compared to rubber ear pads.

HeatSync headset covers provide an upgrade in comfort. Thoroughly tested, their universal fit works for large and small ears alike. The covers work well for those who wear bulky earplugs or use hearing aids, too.

How They Work

When pulled tight, HeatSync headset covers address the #1 problem with headsets: sweat accumulation and heat buildup in hot weather. They wick sweat away from inside the headset, and you cool down as sweat evaporates. That means no more slimy feeling from sweaty rubber ear pads in hot weather.
Noisefighters HEATSYNC Evaporative Process
In cold weather, HeatSync covers insulate ears by providing a barrier between the face and the rubber ear pads. A triple-locking design keeps ear cup cavities comfortable, ensures the noise seal is completely closed for safety, and reliably holds the cover secure.

Additional Features

In addition to relief in the heat and warmth in the cold, HeatSync offers the following features:

  • Secured by an elastic band running along the outside
  • Fits headsets using 4x3” oval or rectangular ear pads
  • Works with either gel or foam ear pads
  • Allows arms of glasses to slide through relief cut on Sightlines ear pads

Noisefighters HEATSYNC Pair
The fabric is 100% U.S.-made, 4D Tactical NanoTech, embedded silver, antimicrobial, and wicking. The covers also have holes on either side to allow the headband retaining arm to pierce through and keep Heatsync locked permanently in place for most headsets.


In addition to simple, fast installation, HeatSync headset covers are also easily removable with no evidence of ever being attached. They come with a 5-year warranty and work with most headsets.

Noisefighters is a service-disabled U.S. veteran-owned company, and HeatSync headset covers are compliant with the Berry Amendment.

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