Woman wearing Noisefighters SightLines Gel Ear Pads with Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs

Many people need to wear multiple types of personal protective equipment (PPE) simultaneously. Smooth integration of that equipment is essential for comfort, productivity, and compliance. Wearing PPE is vital, to be sure. However, it's also much harder to do when the products needed don't fit quite right or cause discomfort when worn together.

Noisefighters SightLines Gel Ear Pads

SightLines Replacement Ear Cushions eliminate any issues of comfort, compliance, and productivity for anyone needing to wear safety glasses (or any type of glasses) along with a headset (earmuffs for hearing safety, for example). Those include everyone from gun enthusiasts and weekend warriors to construction and factory workers to airline pilots and music professionals.

“People can dramatically increase the level of comfort, noise reduction and sound isolation. You can forget your headset is on and simply concentrate on what’s important to you in the moment.” (Noisefighters)

Traditional vs. SightLines

Traditional headsets depend on soft ear cushions to conform to the shape of eyewear stems. Unfortunately, this often results in uneven pressure around the ears, which causes hot spots that lead to headaches. In addition, compliance with hearing safety standards is compromised when unwanted noise makes its way through to the ears via the broken seal.
Closeup of SightLines Relief Cuts
SightLines solves this problem and promises zero eyewear interference, no more headaches, and less noise through "relief cuts" at the top of the cushion. Eyewear stems simply sit in these cuts above the cushion. Glasses with straight stems work best, but hooked temple arms protruding below the relief cuts still receive a great seal. Glasses sit at a very slight upward angle, but it's hardly noticeable after only a few moments.

A Secure Seal

A secure seal is essential concerning hearing safety and quality. A broken seal allows more noise into the headset. More noise reaching ears often means a serious safety issue.

Government testing shows a 1-10dB decrease in sound deadening when eyewear breaks the seal on traditional ear cushions. A 3dB increase represents a doubling of sound intensity. (Hearing Protection of Earmuffs Worn Over Eyeglasses)

SightLines & Oakley Sunglasses Demo
In addition to possibly damaging ears, a broken seal can annoy those wanting to keep out distracting noises. For example, audio professionals want clear monitoring, airline pilots want to focus on incoming traffic, and airline passengers want to block out irritations.
SightLines Relief Cuts Demo 2
SightLines provide a solution to the discomfort of wearing eyewear with headsets and improve the headset's quality and the hearing protection it provides.

Headset Upgrade

Most people also notice improved sound-deadening after installing SightLines. In addition, because of the superior comfort and softness of the silicone gel inside Sightlines cushions, many find them an essential upgrade to any headset.

“These [cushions] make $60 headphones feel like $350 headphones.” (Firearms Enthusiast)

Current availability are SightLines that fit only Howard Leight Earmuffs. However, the company is working on additional styles to fit more headset brands, including a stickback mount and a stretchback mount.

More Information

Installation of SightLines is easy. Simply snap out the current cushions, and snap in Sightlines.
SightLines Gel Ear Pads are Veteran-Owned
SightLines are made in the USA by a USMC veteran-owned company and designed for use in any climate. They are UV-resistant, waterproof, and long-lasting.

Please go to the SightLines Replacement Ear Cushions for Howard Leight Earmuffs page on our website for detailed product information.

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