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From sitting by the pool reading on vacation to fishing for bluegill, ONOS polarized bifocal sunglasses with bifocals built into the lenses give you a new dimension of comfort, convenience, and style. One customer, Mary, describes the benefits of ONOS polarized with bifocals this way:

Today I hit the water with my ONOS, and it was the most peaceful fishing experience I've had in years. The polarized lenses made it easy to see the fish beds, the all-over vision was clear, and the color was true. When I needed the close-up vision for the bait, it was right there, no fumbling for a second pair of glasses.

Also available in polarized without bifocals versions, ONOS polarized sunglasses come in a variety of frame styles and colors with many lens options to choose from. They are all polarized, too, so each pair is especially good for reducing glare and the eye fatigue it causes.

ONOS Frame Styles

ONOS frame styles are plentiful. They include frameless, wireframe, and wraparound styles in addition to several other stylish options. Each frame is also durable and lightweight.

ONOs Polarized Sunglasses2

Medium to Large Faces

Named for the Sand Island Lighthouse located at the southernmost point of Alabama, the Sand Island works well for medium to large faces. The ONOS Petit Bois (pronounced Petti Boy), which gets its name from an island off the coast of Mississippi, and the Cat Island style, named after a small barrier island off the coast of Mississippi named for raccoons the Spanish explorers mistook for cats, are also for medium to large faces.

The ONOS Krater is a frameless style with non-slip nose pads designed to fit large faces well. Two ONOS wireframe styles, the Superior and the New Castle, also have non-slip nose pads but are designed to fit medium faces well.

The ONOS Nolin and Nolin 2 are wraparound styles especially for large and extra-large faces. The ONOS Ripia, also wraparounds, work well for medium to large faces.

Additional stylish frame options for medium to large faces include:

ONOs Polarized Sunglasses1

Small to Medium Faces

The ONOS Breeze and its sister style the Sierra, differing only in frame color, fit small to medium faces as does the Ocracoke. The Grand Lagoon is designed for faces with small or narrow features.

ONOS Lens Options

Each frame option comes in at least one, and most come with more than one, of the following polarized lens options:

  • Amber for lowlight conditions
  • Amber green mirror to heighten contrast and reduce glare
  • Blue mirror to reduce yellow light and glare
  • Gray for everyday use

ONOs Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses
Every lens option also comes with a choice of +1.50 to +2.50 power bifocals or no bifocal/reader (plano) option.

With 100% UVA and UVB protection, ONOS provides stylish sun protection for your eyes. ONOS polarized and bifocal eyewear is designed for sports and recreation uses only. They are not approved for use as industrial safety eyewear.

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