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Maintenance people and groundskeepers need to be a jack of all trades, and so do their safety glasses. In search of eyewear to meet his varying needs, Tim tried the Uvex Hypershock. He wore them during a variety of tasks from lawn mowing to basic maintenance and even just while driving. Basically, he’s always wearing his safety glasses.

Before trying the Uvex Hypershock, Tim used various brands of safety glasses. And because he works outside much of the time, they were sunglasses in addition to being safety glasses.


The Uvex Hypershock are lightweight and have modern styling. With the various frame options and lens colors, they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Their lightweight, wrap-around frame not only looks pretty sporty, it means they have great coverage that extends protection to the sides of the eyes. This feature also serves to help keep peripheral vision clear.

The Uvex Hypershock have some features that make them unique as well. One is that they are 100% dielectric. This means they protect eyes from electric arcs that can form when working on power lines or with heavy machinery. With no metal parts, they’re great protection in any activity with exposure to electricity.

They also come equipped with a HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating. Uvex says the coating gives lenses a 60x longer anti-fog and 2x scratch resistance than standard anti-fog coatings. Because of this coating, the Uvex Hypershock are ideal for  hot, humid conditions.

Additional features include soft, molded inserts along the temple to create a comfortable and secure fit. They also provide 99.9% protection from UVA/UVB light, important for anyone working outside a lot like Tim does.

The Review

Tim found the Uvex Hypershock to be very good safety glasses. In fact, he said because of the good vision and durability, they are…

“Noticeably better than my previous ones.”

For Tim, good vision and durability are crucial features in safety glasses. While he did not find any super obvious negatives of the Uvex Hypershock, he did think they could have even more scratch resistance.

Overall, Tim gives the Uvex Hypershock two “thumbs up” and plans to continue wearing them as his primary safety glasses at work.


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