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Aging Eyes

Aging eyes. Short arm syndrome. Presbyopia. The almost universal initiation into mid-life. This inability to focus up close confronts most people over 40 years old. Some estimates say over a billion people globally struggle with presbyopia. And many find it quite frustrating.

The National Eye Institute says presbyopia happens naturally as we age. Your eyes become unable to focus light directly onto the retina because of a hardening of the natural lens. Aging also affects muscle fibers around the eye and makes focusing on up-close objects more difficult.

Unfortunately, you can do nothing to prevent or permanently correct presbyopia. Presbyopia is incredibly frustrating for someone who has never worn eyeglasses or wears contacts to avoid them. Yet, few can avoid the need for readers or “cheaters.”

Unsafe Reading

For people who must frequently read while working or who often complete detailed, up-close work, putting reading glasses on and taking them off throughout the day is a hassle. And, if safety glasses are also needed, doing so is a significant safety hazard.

Fortunately, there are some terrific safety eyewear options to accommodate those needing bifocals. These options provide a much safer and comfortable alternative to the on and off approach or trying to wear reading glasses under safety eyewear.

Bifocal Safety Glasses

The Delta Plus Sonoma RX-350 Bifocal Safety Glasses are popular for workers needing safety reading glasses.

Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Bifocal Safety Glasses feature safety lenses with magnifiers (bifocals) molded directly into the lenses. They are perfect for those who need reading glasses but also require safety glasses protection. Pyramex V2G Bifocal Safety Glasses/Goggles are also available for those requiring more comprehensive protection.

Bifocal safety eyewear comes in multiple diopters (strengths) ranging from +1.00 to +3.00, depending on the brand and model. Various lens tints are available in bifocal safety glasses too. You can also get bifocal lenses that are polarized and anti-fog.

Also, most bifocal safety eyewear uses shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, is ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified, and provides 99.9% UVA-UVB protection.

Stick-On Bifocals

Stick-On Bifocals, soft semicircles pressed onto eyewear, allow you to make almost any pair of sunglasses, safety glasses, or goggles into bifocals. You can easily apply them with water and customize them by trimming the curved part. When dry, they stay firmly bonded even in wet conditions. Yet, you can remove and reinstall them onto other eyewear if desired.

Stick-on bifocals offer a great solution to expensive prescription sunglasses. They also prevent having to buy new safety eyewear when eyes seem to suddenly change at midlife.

Fashionable Bifocal Vision

Bifocal Safety Glasses remove the need to compromise between safety and fashion. No need to constantly change eyewear or compromise on vision quality either. Adding Stick-On Bifocals to your existing safety glasses can achieve even more style options. This opens up your fashion options even more.

No longer do midlifers or anyone requiring bifocals plus safety eyewear need to feel frustrated over limited options. Instead, embrace your wise eyes with safety eyewear that can help you do whatever you want — at work, home, or play — better and safer than ever before.

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