Wiley X Takes Over Daytona Beach Bike Week

It’s Bike Week in Daytona Beach, where an estimated 500,000 bikers descend on The World’s Most Famous Beach for a full ten days of sun, sand, and motorcycles. The deep, echoing rumble of motorcycles can be heard 24 hours a day as Northerners take advantage of our balmy 60-degree weather and ride day and night.

Dan from Montana Bike Week

On Main Street, thousands of bikes line the sidewalk, a truly astonishing array of twisted steel and psychedelic paint on display for all to see and judge, as hundreds more rumble down the street. It is a sound and spectacle that should be experienced by any motorcycle lover.

The motorcycles are, of course, the number one priority during Bike Week, but seasoned bikers will tell you that there are actually two things absolutely necessary for a real Bike Week vacation – a great motorcycle and high-performance sunglasses.

Main Street and Wiley X

On Main Street, Wiley X sunglasses are just as prominently on display as the bikes and seem to be the preferred eyewear of many attendees. Dan from Montana said that his Wiley X polarized sunglasses are “the best glasses to have hands down.” And “if you are going to ride all week, all day and all night, you need a pair of sunglasses that are really going to protect your eyes.”

Dwayne and Sharon Bike Week

Wiley X polarized lenses offer the ultimate in eye protection by incorporating eight different layers of lens technology to reduce glare and eye fatigue. Additionally, all Wiley X lenses block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, making them perfect for any outdoor activity.

Plus, all Wiley X lenses are ANSI High-Velocity Impact resistant making them ideal for the weekend warrior. Wiley X also offers easy customization of lens colors for optimal visuals in a multitude of different light settings with their interchangeable lenses available in a variety of colors.

This versatility means it only takes a moment to change from a dark lens to deal with the intense Florida sun, to a yellow lens for optimal night vision and glare reduction.

Don’t want to deal with physically changing your lenses? Wiley X also offers Light Adjusting Lenses that effortlessly adjust from light to dark tints by exposure to UV light.

Wiley X Digital Surfacing Technology

Another Wiley X fan and Bike Week attendee, Jeff from Georgia, said that he wears prescription Wiley X sunglasses and that they are the “best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned.”

Lit Undercarriage Bike Week

It’s no wonder Jeff believes his prescription sunglasses to be the best as Wiley X’s Digiforce lens technology offers some of the most advanced lens technology on the planet.

The problem with prescription sunglasses has always been the curved surface of the lens, this curve causes slight aberrations in our peripheral vision, making it particularly difficult to get crystal clear prescription sunglasses.
However, over 30 years of research and development has led Wiley X to use amazingly accurate ‘digital surfacing technology’ that actually adjusts and corrects the refracted RX, resulting in prescription lens accuracy that is 10x better than conventional prescription lenses.

This cutting edge lens technology is actively used to keep America's Armed Forces, police and first responders safe in dangerous and high-stress conditions.

While you may not be actively fighting insurgents and/or maintaining the peace while riding your bike down Daytona’s lush Tomoka Loop, Wiley X's prescription lens technology does give you the same peace of mind that crystal clear vision provides to our nation's heroes.

Wiley X Day to Night

Quality eyewear is an essential item for Bike Week, whether it is day or night. It is a long honored tradition for the bikes that ride down Main Street to do a burnout if they get stopped at the red light.

The air is a constant haze of burned rubber, and with the thousands of bikes lining the road and the tens of thousands of bikers bar hopping up and down Main Street, clear vision is a must for everyone’s safety.

Tennessee couple Sharon and Dwayne swore by their Wiley X sunglasses and said that driving down Main Street at night would be impossible without them. Dwayne said, “It’s smoky from the bikes, and it’s gritty from all the sand that blows in off the beach, so glasses are necessary.”

Psychedelic Bike Week

Wiley X has actually produced an ingenious series of Climate Control glasses that incorporates patented, removable Facial Cavity Seals that ‘block fine dust, debris, and pollen’ and would make the Main Street ride that much easier for Dwayne and Sharon.

In addition to the Climate Control Series, Wiley X offers both Men and Women’s styles in a variety of Collections that include Black Ops, Camouflage, Ballistic, Shooting, and Industrial, making it easy to customize a pair that fit all of your needs.

Amongst the ever-changing parade of bikes and bikers that visit us during Bike Week, one constant remains the same here in Daytona – the need for high-quality eyewear.
All day and all night, whether you are riding or just lazing on the beach listening to the roar of 500,000 bikes, performance sunglasses are an absolute necessity.

With the latest cutting edge technology, honed over 30 years of reliable American Research, Wiley X glasses provide top notch protection and are unquestionably preferred by seasoned bikers here at The World’s Most Famous Beach.

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