Bolle Cobra Safety Glasses with Black Temples and Smoke Anti-Fog Lens

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Doug M. (Willis, TX)
Great fit

Comfortable and adjustable.

Alex P.
Bolle Cobra Safety Glasses with Black Temples and Smoke Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Lens

If you buy the foam kit for these, that Bolle and safety glasses USA sell, they can increase moisture, especially if you add some earplug silicone around to cover the gaps, and save you from the need to use so many eye drops. :) They are very comfy and offer a wide view. The only issue is that they don't block 100% of 380 to 400 nm, only 86%. But anything UV below 380 nm is blocked 100%. :)

Most windshields protect us and many glasses protect only to 380, so it's not a huge issue, unless you spend 10 hours outside. Also, it's important to realize that many sunglasses block only 40-50% of the blue light, 400-500 nm, which is very damaging to our eyes at noon. This high energy blue light from 400-425 nm, can do more damage in light sunglasses, than the 14% of 380-400 nm that Cobra allows to pass thru. So, it's not as simple as "all 400 UV glasses are better", it may be that some are way worse in retina damage than this one. But generally, a pair that blocks to 400 nm and also 86% of blue light as Cobra does, would be better for use outside. Windshield blocks 99% of UV and side windows if tinted, so driving is OK and even outside for short periods, given that many don't even wear glases and these are wraparounds so will overall protect you 5 times better than non wrap arounds that have UV 400 rating. So, things are complex, don't just think about 400 nm as the only issue, it's the total UV and blue light that reaches the eye that matters, not so much 380 or 400 nm mark. With foam gasket and silicone, you create such a high UV protection that this is probably by far better than 99% of any glass you can buy anywehre, offering 10 times less UV and blue light than the others that offer no gasket, etc. The foam kit protects your eyes from the UV unlike others that allow it to sneak from the sides and above, etc

Bolle Cobra Safety Glasses with Black Temples and Smoke Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Lens

Great for the price! Great fit, love these.

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