Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses with Gray Anti-Fog Lens

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Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses with Gray Anti-Fog Lens

....a deal thats just too good to be true. These are that deal. I use them for use on my motorcycle. For years i bought new pairs of glasses all the time trying to find a pair that worked well in several ways and lasted and were reasonable. I broke glasses all the time, threw many away that were just lousy, and it was a never ending battle. Then someone recommended these. about 14 as much as the cheapest glasses i usually bought and they never break and fit great, are light and comfortable, and the lenses don't scratch anywhere near as easy as every day sunglasses. Instead of going thru 5 or 10 uncomfortable much more expensive pairs a year, now i use these and one pair can last me that long ! Like i said they scratch far less, but they're so cheap when they do scrath up even a little i just toss them and grab a new pair. At the price i just buy 5 or so pairs at a time and can afford to do that. But i have yet to have a pair scratch bad enough to really need to toss them unless i drop them on pavement or such. Been using them about 3 years and i will never use anything else as long as these are available ! Stupid good deal, and the business owner is a great guy.

Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses with Gray Anti-Fog Lens

I'm a happy customer again. The Company and product are tops.

jeb r.
Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses with Gray Anti-Fog Lens

These are great! I’ve been wearing these as sun and safety glasses for the last 10 years. How many times have I lost a pair or scratched one up? Who cares! I buy in bulk so they’re like $2.18 a piece. I don’t know how cool they are or look on me but they keep things out of my eyes and block 99% of UV rays.

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