5 Technology Trends in Workplace Safety

Technology seems to continually advance, almost without us realizing it's happening. Trends appear, and we often wonder when they started and where they came from.

“Technology advancements are like water rising at the shore. There rarely is a sudden shift you can point to, but every time you look, the water is closer to the reference points marked earlier—if they aren’t already submerged.” (Tracking Construction Technology in 2017 Will Start With Our Readers)

Technology within workplace safety is no different.

5 Tech Trends In Workplace Safety

Some of the most noticeable trends involving technology within workplace safety include the following:

  1. Computer-based training — The computer-based safety training trend includes strategically-placed computer technology. This advanced software enables workers to review safety information as needed. It also allows for better tracking of employee safety training.
  2. Real-time digital signage — Placed throughout many manufacturing facilities, digital signage promotes safety, displays safety statistics and announces upcoming training. This “real time” information plays a vital role in many companies’ cultures.
  3. Wearable tech — Wearables can monitor employee health and alert employees about potential hazards. Wearable technology also allows companies to address health problems and prevent accidents by early alerting of unsafe conditions.
  4. Innovative materials — Innovations like visor materials that are both rated high impact and chemical splash resistant. There are also “proprietary in-house yarns” that improve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Both look to reduce costs and outperform previous products.
  5. New lens tech — The development of new lens technology involves better glare reduction and improvements in clarity. This technology helps keep workers safer, more productive, less tired and less stressed.
Construction worker wearing a Smart Helmet

Wearable technology will have an enormous impact on workplace safety.

More Changes On The Horizon

The race for the next big tech breakthrough means software and electronics are always evolving. Look for today's cutting-edge consumer and military tech to quickly transition into the workplace. As sensor and wireless technology improves, look for amazing advancements in real-time worker monitoring. The ability to know when an employee is overheated or experiencing excessive stress to their lower back is just around the corner.

Workplace safety requires constant alertness. With these emerging technologies in PPE and safety training and monitoring, companies can stay aware of worker health and safety like never before.

For a more comprehensive look at the rising tide of technology within workplace safety, check out our long-form article "How is Technology Impacting Workplace Safety"

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