Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses

Bolle's Safety Division Raises the Bar

We consider ourselves safety eyewear experts here at, and we choose only the best safety glasses to display on our website. After all, if they're not good enough for us, they're not good enough for you. Therefore, we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Bolle Safety Glasses. You've likely heard of Bolle Sunglasses due to their long reputation for innovation and quality. Bolle's new safety eyewear division echoes this same commitment. The Bolle company was born in 1885 in Oyonnax, France, and has mastered the art of safety eyewear over the last 65 years. We're proud to bring one of the top names in safety glasses to you.

Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses

The Rush Plus features an exclusive Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch PLATINUM coating. This permanent coating on both sides of the lens gives them a high resistance to scratching and significantly delays the onset of fogging.

Lens Technology Progression

Technology is primary to the Bolle safety eyewear philosophy. Bolle is dedicated to creating the right lenses and tints to help prevent eye injuries and fatigue. After all, no two conditions are the same, and you need the right safety eyewear for your work environment. Some of their lens features include:

  • Contrast Lens: Bolle's state-of-the-art contrast eyewear, as seen in our Bolle Rush Plus CSP Safety Glasses, blocks out 30% of blue light waves to give you clear vision and reduce eye fatigue. These are ideal safety glasses for those working on computer screens, bright work lights, and other indoor conditions that promote eye strain.
  • ESP Lens: Bolle's ESP Lens may not be able to read your mind, but it will significantly improve clarity and detail without altering color recognition. The ESP Lens, as in our Bolle Contour Safety Eyewear, is perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
  • HD Lens: Looking for a lens that delivers the highest visible light transmission, rejects water droplets, and is ideal for any job? All these exceptional features are available via the HD lens, as in our Bolle Cobra Safety Glasses.
  • Polarized Lens: Polarized safety glasses aren't new to the world of safety eyewear, but Bolle kicks it up a notch. Their high-quality polarization technology increases lens clarity and blocks 99.99% of UVA/UVB rays. Our Bolle Hustler Safety Glasses feature polarized lenses and work to deflect the sun's rays bouncing off the snow, water, and road.
  • Twilight Lens: The Bolle Twilight lenses utilize the same coating as the Bolle ESP lens but with the added feature of premium anti-fog protection. These lenses, as in our Bolle Rush Safety Glasses, are perfect for early morning and evening work twilight, just as the name suggests.

Platinum Anti-Fog Technology

Nothing is more frustrating than fogged-up lenses. When you can't see clearly, your work performance decreases, and the potential for injury increases. To perform at your best, it's essential to have confidence in your safety equipment. And Bolle's premium Platinum Anti-Fog technology provides the clear vision you require.

PLATINUM is a high-end technology developed to provide anti-fog and anti-scratch performance in extreme environments. Bolle's innovative coating is applied to both sides of the lens to provide maximum protection for your eyes. Bolle's exclusive PLATINUM coating is imitated but not equaled and exceeds the expectations of the most rigorous international standards.

Bolle Platinum Anti-Fog

Comfort is a Priority

Bolle knows that innovation is only half of what goes into successful safety eyewear. Comfort is also a priority. After all, you may be wearing safety glasses for eight hours or longer, and you don't want ill-fitting glasses to distract you from your work. So, like Bolle sunglasses, their safety eyewear is designed to have a comfortable, lightweight fit in the frames, complemented by their stylish, modern design.

The Tradition Continues

We think Bolle must have learned a thing or two since the company was founded in 1888, and we're pleased to bring the revolutionary Bolle Safety Eyewear brand to you. Our website has a vast selection of quality safety glasses, and Bolle is a perfect addition. The Bolle safety glasses collection provides the technology and safety features workers are looking for. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about the Bolle brand, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts on Bolle by leaving a comment!

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