Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses with optional foam gasket and elastic head strap installed

If your job has you outside as much as inside and continually going back and forth between different temperatures and lighting conditions, you need a pair of safety glasses that can keep up. Add in being an overall active person, whether on the job or off, and having high-quality eyewear is utterly essential.

Worker wearing Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses

The Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses just became that essential piece of eyewear for Jordan, a service specialist for a company servicing a variety of industries to help them keep their environments clean and safe.

At work, Jordan does a lot of bending and stooping as well as working with chemicals both liquid and powder. He’s also in and out of buildings continually most days. Jordan is active outside work too. With a young family, he doesn’t stop when his work day is over. Fortunately, his Bolle Rush keep up with him all day long.

Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses Features

The Bolle Rush Plus have a lot of terrific features and come in an ultra-sporty design. They allow you to not only have proper protection whether at work or at play but to also look good at the same time.

In addition to being ANSI Z87+ rated, which makes them high performers as safety eyewear, they also come in several color options, allowing for variety in self-expression and fashion.

Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses worn outdoors

Additional features include:

  • Foam Gasket — Prevents small particles from getting into eyes.
  • Strap — Keeps goggles in place.
  • Upper browbar protection — Adds additional impact safety.
  • Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch PLATINUMⓇ coating — Resists scratching and delays fogging.
  • Co-injected, Ultra-Flex temples — Provides a comfortable fit.
  • Non-slip bridge — Helps keep goggles in place at all times.
  • 99.9% protection from harmful UVA/UVB light — Protects eyes from the sun.

While it’s great to tout the manufacturer’s features, it’s even better to talk about how they play out in real life. Jordan helped us do just that.

Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses In Action

Before trying the Bolle Rush Plus, Jordan wore what he calls “generic goggles” on a daily basis because his job requires that he comply with OSHA safety eyewear requirements. He discovered that generic is definitely not always the best fit, and his are now replaced by the Bolle Rush Plus.

“[The Bolle Rush Plus] are significantly better, more comfortable and stayed in place as compared to the generic goggles I used to wear. I was able to spend more time working and less time fixing my glasses.”

Jordan especially liked the antifog quality of the Bolle Rush Plus. He’s referring to the anti-fog and anti-scratch PLATINUMⓇ coating exclusive to Bolle products.

“Washable (water and soap), this permanent coating applied on both sides of the lens makes it highly scratch resistant and durably delays the appearance of fogging.” (Lens Innovations by Bolle)

Jordan experienced the truth of Bolle’s claims when he spent a day making several trips from a hot, 80° plus work floor, into a sub 0° freezer. Any problems with fogging as he transitioned between these extreme conditions?

“No issues.”

So, were the Bolle Rush Plus safety glasses perfect for Jordan? While he plans to continue wearing them because of the significant improvement over the generic safety eyewear he previously wore, he did suggest a few changes.


Bolle Rush Plus Safety Glasses with elastic strap
The Rush Plus features an exclusive Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch PLATINUM coating. This permanent coating on both sides of the lens gives them a high resistance to scratching and significantly delays the onset of fogging.


Bolle Rush Plus Improvements

First, Jordan sees no need for the strap provided with the glasses. In fact, he said the strap actually gave him a headache because it was so tight. Fortunately, Jordan simply removed the strap and had no issues with the safety glasses staying in place without it.

The second issue Jordan had was with sweat collecting in the corners of his eyes when he wore the eyewear. A possible solution to this is to remove the foam gasket for the times when he doesn’t need the added protection from fine particles.

Do you want the features of the Bolle Rush Plus but need a smaller size?

Check out the Bolle Rush Plus Small Safety Glasses.

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