A worker wearing Delta Plus Rx-500 Safety Glasses

When you initially look at the Delta Plus Rx-500, you see a basic pair of bifocal safety glasses. Upon further inspection, and especially after trying them out for a few weeks as Philip did, you’ll quickly discover they’re in no way your average safety eyewear.

Delta Plus Rx-500 Features

Check out the features that make the Delta Plus Rx-500 so special.

  • A full-lens magnifier. No struggle to focus through bifocals. The 50 mm diameter magnifying lens helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  • Ballistic rated. This eyewear goes beyond ANSI standards to receive a ballistic rating. This means a high level of protection tough enough even for harsh military environments.
  • All-day comfort. The soft and flexible nose bridge and rubber temple minimizes slippage. You can wear these glasses all day without having to adjust them.

If you’ve ever worn any type of bifocal before, you may question the claims above regarding the lessened eye fatigue and all-day comfort. To confirm the truth of these statements, let’s look at Philip’s experience backed up by the testimonies of several of our customers.

Delta Plus Rx-500 In Action

As a lathe grinder operator who spends much of his work days sizing rubber, Philip constantly wears safety eyewear. Since grinding rubber is a process that emits discarded particles, superior eye protection really is a prerequisite for doing the job.

Not only does Philip need eye protection, he also needs to be able to clearly see small parts and to make accurate measurements too. So he put down his old safety eyewear and gave the Delta Plus Rx-500 a try. In summary, he’s not giving them back.

In fact, when asked to compare the Rx-500 with his old safety eyewear, Philip simply said:

“Delta Plus Rx-500 = Rolls Royce. Old safety glasses = Ford Edsel.”

Philip’s reason for describing the two safety eyewear in this unique way? There are simply no negatives to the  Delta PlusRx-500. In fact, he added yet another unique answer when asked if he would give them two thumbs up.

“Just like Siskel and Ebert.”

What especially stood out to Philip on the Delta Plus Rx-500 safety glasses was how the bifocal part covered so much of the lens and how the soft tinting gave him “extraordinary” vision.

Turns out, Philips not the only one who thinks this safety eyewear is superior. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about them.

“Very comfortable, great vision!”

“Glasses are just what I need to be more productive at work... I purchased three levels of Full-Magnification to utilize while working in different environments… service... Highly Recommended!”
“Great value”

“Second time I've ordered some of these. Shared with friends because I like them so much for myself.”

With so many people having such great things to say about the Rx-500, we just had to brag them up a bit. But just so you don’t think we’re saying great things simply to sell the product, Philip did offer one suggestion for “improving” them.

“Offer a variety of frame colors for the safety conscious millennial/hipster/gangsta working person to choose from.”

Remember these reviews are by real people, not experts. In most cases, reviewers received the product for free and are allowed to keep the product for their use after the review. Reviewers are asked for their honest opinions after using the product, including suggestions for improvements.

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