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Tips for Driving in the Fog

Driving in fog can be tricky. If you don't listen to the weather report before heading out to start your day, you can be caught off guard when you hit those unexpected thick patches of fog. Low visibly caused by dense fog certainly makes for a stressful morning drive.

If you have young drivers, the stress is even worse. After all, driving in fog is challenging for even the most seasoned driver.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to ease some of that stress.

  1. Use low beam lights. High beams reflect off the fog and make seeing what's in front of you more difficult. Turning on low beams also means your tail lights come on and make you more visible from behind.
  2. Use fog lights if you have them on your car.
  3. Reduce speed. Allow extra time to reach your destination.
  4. Minimize distractions. Turn off the radio and ignore the phone.
  5. Use the demarcation line on the right edge of the road to guide you. Avoid using the yellow line in the middle of the road so you don't get too close to oncoming vehicles.
  6. Travel with the window partially open. Listen for traffic. Another reason to minimize distractions too.
  7. Turn off cruise control. This gives more control over the vehicle.

    Driving In Fog Daytime
    Even with the above tips, driving in fog can still be challenging. Fortunately, another tip can give an extra edge toward visibility in the fog.

    Safety Glasses in the Fog

    Glasses with an amber or yellow lens can enhance contrast. When driving in fog, it can be easier to distinguish things like the demarcation lines and other cars.

    If you wear prescription glasses, keep a pair of Amber Over-Prescription Safety Glasses in your vehicle.
    Night Driving Glasses
    There are also many yellow lens options that not only keep you safe but are stylish too. Popular choices are the Wiley-X Saber and the KleenGuard Hellraiser.

    The Smith & Wesson Elite, with its "retro style," is an excellent option in an amber lens. Another worthy choice is the Edge Dukura, a lightweight, sleek wrap-around available in yellow and amber lenses.

    Safety eyewear with amber or yellow lenses can make driving in fog easier, especially when combined with the above driving tips. Add to this the fact that it's very affordable, and you'll wonder why you haven't picked up a pair yet.

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