Healthy Eyes and Healthy Heart Connection

Our bodies regularly give us external indications of internal conditions. Your eyes, for example, can show the health of your heart. Keeping your eyes healthy contributes to a healthier heart.

High blood pressure and diabetes cause damage to blood vessels throughout the body, including to those in the eyes. For this reason, eye doctors can discover a heart problem by examining the retina during a routine eye exam. Not only can a regular eye exam lead to early detection of eye diseases like glaucoma, but it can also lead to early detection of deeper problems like blocked arteries and diabetes.

Since an ophthalmologist can spot early indications of more serious health problems, regular, comprehensive eye exams are essential. Everyone should have their eyes examined well before age 40, and those with a family history of eye disease should have one sooner.

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Heart Connection

While a trained physician is needed to identify any serious health problem, we can all become more aware of how our eye health is connected to our overall health. Attention to three specific areas can especially help us know what to look for and how to take action.

Visual Clues

What Your Eyes Say About Your Heart also includes signs like bloody or bulging eyes, a droopy eyelid, rings on the cornea, and a thickening eyelid. Such visual clues can indicate more significant problems like high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and hereditary disorders.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Turns out that what is healthy for your eyes, is healthy for your heart. In fact, you can Put Your Eyes On A Diet as well as Exercise Your Eyes and at the same time receive the whole-body benefit, including a tremendous benefit for your heart.

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Eye Protection

Keeping eyes healthy goes beyond maintaining optimal vision. Take care of your eyes through simple steps like protecting them from the sun's harmful rays by wearing quality sunglasses and safety sunglasses. Doing so gives you and your doctor yet another tool for fighting heart disease and heading off potential problems early.

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Heart for a Lifetime

Enjoying healthy eyes and a healthy heart throughout your lifetime requires paying attention and taking action. Prevent serious health issues through regular doctor visits and by knowing the signs you can look for that indicate a problem. Finally, safety eyewear helps make the most of the eye and heart connection for overall health.

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