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Foggy Lenses are Frustrating and Hazardous

Anyone who has ever worn safety glasses knows that one of the most annoying things about them is when they fog up. Of course, we all know it's difficult to see when your glasses are foggy, but it's also a serious safety hazard. For example, if you're driving or operating machinery, you need to see clearly.

In a study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, researchers found that fogging was the number one vision-related barrier to wearing safety eyewear in the workplace. More than half of the respondents suggested an anti-fog solution could help increase compliance. Research by Nanofilm among safety professionals corroborates those findings: 28 percent of respondents reported fogged safety eyewear had contributed to an injury in their workplace. A full 66 percent said fogging was a deterrent to wearing safety eyewear.

What Causes Eyewear Fog?

The leading cause of foggy eyewear is the temperature difference between your eyewear and the environment and the amount of water vapor in the air. For example, when it's cool outside, your body heat can cause the water vapor in the air to condense on your lenses, creating "fog." The exact process happens on hot days when you're working hard and sweating or when you're wearing a facemask and your warm breath hits your lenses.

How do you stop eyewear from fogging?

The two main ways to prevent lens fogging are increasing the airflow around the lens to reduce heat and moisture buildup or using a chemical lens coating to alter the way water vapor condenses. These principal methods have varying success levels depending on eyewear design, ambient temperature, humidity, and the wearer's activity level. Ideally, combining both methods is the ideal solution. However, safety glasses typically suffer from poor airflow due to their wrap-around design and relatively tall lenses. So safety eyewear is usually heavily dependent on anti-fog lens coatings.

5 Tips to Keep Your Safety Glasses from Fogging Up

Thankfully, there are a variety of anti-fog solutions for all types of eyewear. Here are five tips to help eliminate or reduce lens fogging.

  1. Invest in anti-fog safety glasses. This is probably the best solution for those who regularly struggle with fogging safety glasses because of their work environment. Fortunately, safety glasses resistant to fog are both abundant and cost-effective. They're also your best bet to ensure your safety glasses don't fog up. Start with this extensive list of anti-fog safety glasses in various styles. If you work in an environment where lens fogging is severe, you'll want to look at Edge Eyewear's Vapor Shield or Pyramex H2MAX products.
  2. Apply anti-fog coatingAnti-fog sprays, wipes, and gels can help eliminate the fogging problem. Apply the coating to both sides of lenses to reduce fog by forming a barrier that keeps moisture from condensing. Remember that you'll have to reapply the anti-fog treatment after cleaning your eyewear.
  3. Try a different eyewear design. Fogging may be caused by wearing safety glasses that are too tight and preventing adequate airflow. Instead, try a style that allows more air to flow around lenses. The right fit can go a long way in preventing your safety glasses from fogging.
  4. Consider some home remedies. Some people apply shaving cream to lenses to create a protective barrier. Others use bar soap or spit. They apply, let dry, then wipe off, and many believe these remedies are better options than store-bought products. However, use with caution as certain chemicals can remove your lens coatings.
  5. Make some simple adjustments. This includes wearing just enough clothes to stay comfortable rather than wearing so many you sweat. Related to this are adjusting scarves and high-collared coats that can trap moisture and push it towards your eyes. Another tip is to slightly pull your safety glasses away from your face to prevent heat and moisture from getting trapped and causing fog. Just a little cool airflow might be all you need.

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In Summary

Lens fogging is a common issue for many workers, but there are ways to prevent it. By understanding the causes of lens fogging and using one of the two main prevention methods- increasing airflow or using a chemical lens coating- you can keep your lenses clear and your vision sharp. What techniques have you tried to stop your safety glasses from fogging up? Let us know in the comments!

Are you struggling to find a solution to your fogging problems? Don't hesitate to contact our team of experts here at Safety Glasses USA for advice.

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