12 Eyecare Tips

Eye Health & Safety Is Our Business

Here at Safety Glasses USA, eye safety is not just business to us; it's personal. We know all the ins and outs of safety glasses, and we love answering safety glasses questions from our Facebook and Twitter followers.
We also don’t want to miss this chance to promote National Eye Care Month. Check out the 12 must-do eye care tips below to help get your new year off to a safe and healthy start.

Eye Care Tips

The following eye care tips can give you a solid base for healthier eyes in the coming year.

Tip #1 – Nutrition Matters

A healthy, well-balanced diet not only makes you feel great, but it can help keep your eyes healthy and sparkling too.

Tip #2 – Give Them a Break

We often get so engrossed in what’s on our screens that we forget to rest our eyes. The rule of thumb is that for every twenty minutes of staring at a computer screen, give your eyes at least a thirty-second break.

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Tip #3 – Keep Them Shaded

If you must squint, you'd better wear sunglasses. Be sure to pick quality eyewear like our stylish Oakley Sunglasses or Wiley X Sunglasses. You're protecting your skin from UV light with sunscreen, so keep your eyes by wearing sunglasses.

Tip #4 – Get to the Gym

Although there isn't a concrete link, there is data to support aerobic exercise's benefits in reducing eye pressure, which can help glaucoma sufferers. Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever, too!

Tip #5 – Write Right

Don’t over-work your eyes when writing. If you're writing with your right hand, make sure there's ample light on the left side of the paper to prevent shadows and vice versa.

Tip #6 – Blink

Blinking creates natural tears to help eyes maintain an optimal environment. We often blink less when engrossed in work or an interesting subject, so we need to make a conscious effort to blink more. Eye drops to simulate natural tears can also be helpful.

Tired Eyes

Tip #7 – Soothe Tired Eyes

Don’t make yourself, or your eyes, suffer when you're tired. Take a cue from spas by placing thin cucumber slices over your eyes for 5-10 minutes or find other ways to relieve tired eyes.

Tip #8 – Get Enough Sleep

Do your best to consistently get at least seven hours of sleep each night to wake up with well-rested eyes.

Tip #9 – Think Safety First

Most eye injuries are preventable by simply wearing appropriate safety eyewear. Stay prepared by keeping a few pairs of safety glasses within arm's reach.

Tip #10 – Don’t Smoke

There are many reasons why you shouldn't smoke, and eye health is one of them. Research shows that smoking increases the likelihood of eye injuries and disease due to its damage to blood vessels.

Body Posture At Desk

Tip #11 – Sit Correctly

Working at a computer all day can cause eye strain, but you can take steps to minimize it. Start by positioning your computer screen just below your line of vision. Artificial office lighting can also cause glare, so consider a desk lamp to create a better visual environment.

Tip #12 – Get a Checkup

Just because you have good vision doesn't mean you should skip your yearly eye exam. Your eye doctor can spot the onset of eye irritations, infections, and disease long before you can, in many cases.

As you look toward a happy and healthy year ahead, be sure to take the time to focus on your eye health. Not only will our eye care tips help make your eyes healthier, but they’ll also likely help you to be less stressed and more productive too.

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