4 Real World Reasons to Wear Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal glasses aren’t just for grandma anymore. Bifocal safety glasses protect your eyes and have built-in magnifiers to make reading and detail jobs easier. More people wear safety glasses today than ever before. Why? Modern designs and technology make them fit better, look better, and function better. Fortunately, bifocals weren’t left out of the progress. Bifocal safety glasses are perfect for people needing safety and reading glasses. They’ve really taken off in popularity over the last few years too. Here’s why:

It’s All in the Details

Paying attention to the details is hard work and requires sharp vision. Unfortunately, as we age, our ability to see those details begins to fade, making it difficult to read instructions or handle small parts. In the past, you would have to remove your safety glasses and wear reading glasses to continue working. However, this is a dangerous move and exposes your eyes to impact hazards. Bifocal Safety Glasses like the DEWALT Reinforcer solve this problem by adding bifocals to safety eyewear.

Computer Eye Strain

Tech Savvy Brain without the Strain

If you’re anything like me, then the idea of staring at a computer screen all day can leave your eyes feeling strained and uncomfortable. I know that sometimes when there’s too much light, it makes them water even more! And don’t get me started about headaches. Yellow tinted lenses reduce the blue light exposure from excessive screen time, which causes eye fatigue and dryness. In addition, the yellow lens of the Pyramex V2 Reader will help you read the fine print and keep your eyes feeling fresh.

Read the Instructions

Read the Instructions

The instruction manual is the key to success for many assembly projects. However, reading a manual becomes frustrating when your near vision is poor. Skipping pages and figuring out what needs to be done on your own usually ends with an unfortunate result. With bifocal safety glasses, which allow readers to see both near AND far away, you’ll be able to read the instructions and see all the small components so you can finish your project quickly and with less drama.

Doctor Wearing Bifocals

Scalpel? Check. Bifocal Safety Glasses? Huh?

Medical professionals need to see the details. Fast. And we all want them too, right? Bifocal safety glasses not only protect the doctor (or technician or nurse) and the patient from the spread of infection, but they give the magnification needed to quickly spot the problem and read charts. In fact, we think they’re as essential as that prescription pad and pen in every doctor’s lab coat pocket.

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