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Bacon Grease Hurts

Those who have had Lasik or cataract surgery will remember how there were several do’s and don’ts with your aftercare. Mainly it was to wear a shield for the first few nights and to avoid getting soap or water in your eyes. For the first few weeks, your eyes are very sensitive, and you may be keenly aware of things that put your eyes in harm’s way. At least that’s how it was for me.

As my eyes healed, I began to relax and not think so much of my eyes. That was until I was frying bacon one morning. When the grease popped and flew out of the pan at me, I realized how lucky I was that it “only” hit my cheek. Sure my cheek hurt, but what if it had hit my eyes? I began noticing how everyday, simple chores can become a problem if we don’t take precautions if we take our eyes for granted.

The Kitchen Is Full Of Sneaky Eye Hazards

I was curious about how often eye injuries happen in the kitchen and what I found noted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology surprised me. Not only did they cite eye injury due to hot grease and hot liquid, but they also noted a cooking splash threat I’d never considered: liquids from raw foods, especially chicken. Fresh meats contain organisms that could cause severe infection.

Washing Chicken In Sink

Before leaving the kitchen in our search of eye threats, we need to also consider powders like spices and pepper that can get into your eyes when dusting with a shaker. Also, if you rub your eyes and haven’t thoroughly washed your hands, you may transfer foods or oils.

Keep Safety Eyewear In The Kitchen

With the holiday season approaching, we will be baking and using those spices more than ever. It may sound a bit strange, but please do as I do and keep a pair of lightweight safety glasses on the kitchen counter. If they are placed in a convenient spot, you will likely find yourself reaching for them more often than you would have guessed.

Enjoy this Holiday Season and stay Safe!

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