Eye Injuries Can Occur at Any Time and in Any Place

Common & Uncommon Injuries

Eye injuries can occur at any time and in any place, and the types of eye injuries are as varied as the people who receive them. They can come from common sources like:

  • A foreign body such as dust, grass, glass, and rust
  • A scratch from a piece of paper
  • A branch while mowing
  • A misplaced makeup applicator
  • A cleaning chemical splash
  • A severe blow during sports
  • Burns from chemicals
  • Burns from tanning booths
  • Exposure to sunlight

Though more unusual, some healthcare workers, laboratory staff, janitorial workers, and animal handlers also contract eye infections while working. These infections, which come from secondary exposure, range from minor conjunctivitis to life-threatening diseases such as HIV.
Man With Eye Pain
More extreme eye injuries include the bizarre and the shocking. Going from less shocking to strange and shocking, such eye injuries include:

  • A fishing hook to the eye
  • Puncture by a golf tee
  • Pecking by magpies and cormorants
  • Boa constrictor bite
  • Exploding emu egg

All of these are actual eye injuries people have experienced. This rather diverse list just proves that eye injuries really can occur at any time and at any place.

Injuries Are Not Always Preventable

Unfortunately, not every eye injury can be prevented. After all, who thinks to wear safety glasses while watching a baby emu hatch or while playing with a pet boa constrictor?
Most can be prevented, though.

"Eye injuries can happen to anyone. Over half (55 percent) of the victims of eye injuries are under 25. Many of these injuries—over 100,000 annually—occur during sports or recreational activities. Most importantly, 90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented." (Kellogg Eye Center)

Since the vast majority of eye injuries can be prevented, remember to Be Safety Conscious and to always follow basic safety guidelines to help prevent injuries and infections.

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