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The best safety glasses for shooting and hunting are the ones that best suit the situation at hand. In other words, what’s best depends on variable factors such as surrounding conditions and hunter preference. So, there needs to be a lot of options available. Fortunately, there are. From various comfort features to lens tints galore, finding the perfect shooting and hunting safety glasses for each situation is now possible and relatively simple.

All good shooting and hunting eyewear is impact-resistant with many exceeding ANSI standards, so this must-have is easily met. Same with UV protection. Finding the right fit and comfort features shouldn’t be a problem either with many high-tech options available.

Often, one of the biggest challenges in finding the right safety eyewear is choosing a lens tint. So, Understanding Shooting Glasses Lens Colors is an important first step in making a solid eyewear choice for hunting and shooting activities.

Top Selling Shooting & Hunting Safety Eyewear

Because there are so many options available, we’ve created a list of our 5 top-selling shooting and hunting safety eyewear to help in your search. With different comfort and fit options from one model to the next and each model offering multiple lens color options, this list will help you find the shooting and hunting eyewear that suits you best.
Edge Tactical Hamel Safety Glasses

Edge Tactical Eyewear Hamel Safety Glasses

  • Designed for hard work but also flexible, comfortable, and a solid fit
  • Coated with three times the anti-scratch coating as typical safety glasses
  • Vapor Shield Anti-Fog technology ensures a view unobstructed by fog
  • Vapor Shield also ensures the ability to perform in all weather conditions
  • Frame colors include gray, green, and sand
  • Polarized lenses as well as many lens colors available

Elvex Rimfire Safety Glasses

Delta Plus Rimfire Safety Glasses

  • Modern style
  • Comfortable ergonomics and a customizable, non-slip fit
  • Robust tactical frame
  • Ballistic-rated performance for impact protection above and beyond ANSI standards
  • All styles come in a matte black frame
  • Anti-fog light copper, polarized and anti-fog gray, and clear anti-fog lenses available

Wiley X Saber Advanced Ballistic Safety Glasses

Wiley X Saber Advanced Ballistic Safety Sunglasses

  • Saber temples customizable for length or replaceable with a tactical strap
  • Interchangeable 3 mm Selenite polycarbonate lenses provide distortion-free clarity
  • Ultra Foam brow bar prevents debris and sweat from entering the field of view
  • Exceeds ANSI high-velocity safety standard
  • All styles come in a matte black frame
  • Smoke grey, light rust, vermillion, pale yellow, and clear lens tints available

Venture Gear Tensaw Safety Glasses

Venture Gear Tensaw

  • Rugged yet stylish half-frame
  • Durable co-injected temples for a snug, secure fit
  • Razor-sharp optics and premium anti-fog coating
  • Exceed ANSI high impact requirements
  • Frame options include black, white/gray, white/red, and white/blue
  • Anti-fog comes on all lenses
  • Available in clear, yellow, ice blue, silver, smoke green, vermillion, ice blue mirror, and sky red mirror

Smith & Wesson Magnum Safety Glasses

Smith & Wesson Magnum Safety Glasses

  • Precision cut spherical lenses provide distortion-free viewing
  • Comes in either platinum or black frames
  • Clear, gold mirror, smoke, and yellow lenses available
  • Anti-fog available in clear lenses

Choose with Confidence
Since shooting and hunting activities are not exactly the same, we’ve also created separate guides to help in choosing the best eyewear specifically for each. See Shooting Safety Glasses Prevent Injuries and Improve Results and 12 Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Eyewear for recommendations specific to these activities.

With all the options available, you can be confident in choosing the best shooting and hunting safety glasses for your situation. Not only that, but most options are reasonably priced. This makes having multiple pairs for varying situations a great strategy.

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